“It’s your little red wagon and you can push it or pull it!” At least that’s what my granny used to tell me, or anyone else who wanted her opinion on something she felt was none of her business. It was her way of saying it’s your life to live and don’t let anyone else tell you how to do it. I wanted to create a space that was purely my own. To share my ups and downs. To inspire and to be inspired. A place for me to share what goes on in my little red wagon, and to inspire others to push or pull to their highest potential. God, family, friends, love, dating sex, travel, books, movies, weight loss (or gain!), you name it and I’ll probably talk about it. Well, everything but politics…some things are just better left unsaid. Anyway, I hope you follow me as I decide push or pull my wagon and all of the hilarious drama that come with the journey!