Tips From a Teacher

It’s Spring Break. Your kids are home, but what are they doing with that time? I’m sure you have tons of activities planned like sports, arts & crafts, dancing, as well as movie & theater outings. Make sure your children are engaged in reading as well! Do you know their Lexile level? Do they know their Lexile level? Check out the photo to see at what level your child should be reading based on his or her grade level. If you don’t know your child’s Lexile level make sure you ask his or her teacher when they return to school. In the meantime, take them to the library and the bookstore. Let them pick books they will enjoy reading on subjects they are interested in. Download them on the iPad or Kindle, but old school books are even better. Let them see you read as well. When I was kid, my mom kept Harlequin romance novels and Ebony and Jet magazines around all the time. I saw my grandmother read the Bible daily, and I saw my uncles read the newspaper every morning. My family instilled in me a love for reading that is still with me to this day! Bottom line get your gets engaged in the written word! I promise the benefits are far greater than you imagine! 

Visit: to learn more about Lexile levels. 


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